about us

Statement of Purpose

Little Rascals provides day care for children.

The aims and objectives are:

To provide a safe and happy environment where children can relax and play.

To provide high quality child care either side of the day.

Currently we care for no more than 56 children under 8 years at any one time. Due to legislative changes in April 2016, we are registered to care for children under 12 in accordance with our registration with C.I.W. Priority is given to children from the Infants.

We take children from Nursery (breakfast club and 2.45-4.00pm) Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 classes in Hawarden Village Church School. All children from these classes are welcome.

The school Hall at Hawarden Village Church School is the main base for the club. We do, however, have use of the school library, classrooms and the ‘corridor’ area. We also use the extensive outdoor play areas including the eco classroom.

English is the main language used in Club although incidental Welsh is also used, supporting the school policy.


Good behaviour is expected at all times. The school expects every member of the school community to behave in a considerate way towards others. We treat all children fairly and apply this behaviour policy in a consistent way. This policy aims to help children to grow in a safe and secure environment, and to become positive, responsible and increasingly independent members of the school community.

Parents will be informed if children do misbehave. If bad behaviour is persistent and disrupts the club, the child / children may be removed from the club.

Admission Policy

Whilst every effort is made to accommodate all children, priority will always be given to those who have pre booked their children into Club through the online booking system.

Arrival and Collection Times

The breakfast club opens at 7.50am and breakfast is available to children until 8.30am. Children must arrive before 8.30 to access the breakfast club. The children are taken to their classes at 8.50am.

Children are dismissed at 3.00pm and are collected by a member of Little Rascals staff. All Staff and children should leave the premises at 5.30pm due to insurance cover. Please collect your child / children by 5.30pm or a charge of £1.00 per minute lateness will be added to your bill.

Our staff ratio 1:8


Club Manager - Mrs N Cook

Assistant Manager - Mrs C Jones

Assistant Manager - Mrs K Jones

Room Supervisor - Mrs C Ley

Play Worker - Miss B Parry

Play Worker - Mrs K McIntosh

Play Worker - Miss L Brooks

Play Worker - Mrs N Whitehead

Playworker - Beth Jones

Fees and Booking

Registration fee is payable per family per year. There is 10% off for siblings. All sessions must be paid for in advance as per the ipal booking system. We reserve the right to refuse any child/ren whose invoice remains outstanding for more than 4 weeks and any future bookings be cancelled.

Please contact us for prices.

All children who attend our club must be registered on the ipal booking system.

All children will be signed in with an adult and remain at the club until they have been collected by a named adult.


Each morning breakfast will be available, this will be a choice of cereal, yogurt, fruit, milk and water. After school, children may choose from fruit various healthy snacks, milk and water.


We have a variety of both fun and stimulating activities. We have introduced the idea of mini clubs in the past years. These have included Baking, Science, Sewing, Space and Detective Club to name a few. We are able to use the lower part of the school where the children have access to more ‘messy’ crafts, dressing up and construction games. We value our children’s suggestions and a questionnaire is sent out every year to parents and children. We have provided a suggestion box in club for the children’s continuous involvement in their activities.

We have a notice board in Little Rascals where the weekly plan of activities can be seen. These plans are subject to change.


Children are brought up to Little Rascals by a member of staff. A register is taken at the beginning of each session.

It is important that if there is a change of named person collecting their child, that a member of Little Rascals staff is informed. When a child is collected from Little Rascals, a member of staff will sign them out on the online ipal register.

Policies and Procedures

The Club has written policies and procedures. There is a procedure in the event of an emergency such as a fire drill, most of our staff have completed first aid training. We complete regular risk assessments. All these policies and procedures are available for parents to read on our website.


If parents have any worries about the club, they should be addressed in the first instance to the staff at Little Rascals. Any complaints will be dealt with promptly by the manager of Little Rascals. Any written complaints will receive a response by the committee within 14 days.

Parents/Carers can also contact our regulatory body CIW. Contact details telephone number 0300 790 0126 or email ciw.north@wales.gsi.gov.uk

Emergency Procedures

If emergency medical treatment is necessary during the running of the club, the online registration form authorise’ the club play workers to sign any written form of consent required by the hospital authorities, should there be a delay in obtaining the parents / carers permission.

Relevant Terms & Conditions

All children who attend our club must be registered with us and have a signed contract.

All children will be signed in with an adult and remain at the club until they have been collected by a named adult.

Children are asked to keep the golden rules.

The Statement of Purpose is reviewed annually by the person in charge, registered person and the committee. Any changes to the service are made known to CIW.

Reviewed 14.2.2022- N.Cook